SCUP Playtest: Cape Veyl and the Unspeakable Pirates

4th Sessions Remarks

playtest observations

Session #4 Notes
Erik Weissengruber 05/05/2015

This is the SCUP crew in Toronto.

Another great fun time.

Incorporating New Characters

We had a new player take up the role of Bloodletter. Some advice about integrating new characters would be welcome.


I unleashed my threats: some direction as to whether linking a role against that threat to a stat would be welcome. The example shows a threat linked to Fierce. Linking a threat to a stat gives the chance for characters to test against a highlighted stat, or to deliberately put themselves in harm’s way to gain experience.

Advice on Procedures

Again, players stressed the need for a concise reference to pre- and post-game activities, like checking experience. The rules are in the advancement section, but a nice BEFORE EVERY SESSION and AFTER EVERY SESSION set-up would be welcome.

Examples of how to work-in particular resource shortages would be welcome.

And incorporating mythology into factions and and character conflicts.

We are having fun.

Erik Weissengruber



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