SCUP Playtest: Cape Veyl and the Unspeakable Pirates

3rd Session

Primal Rituals

So this is a world like M.A.R. Barker’s Tekumel.

The mythology is not sanitized Norse folktales. Human sacrifice and secret society bonding with same-sex partners.

But it is not a dark world. There is sun and life and happiness.

Sparta, Thebes, New Guinea, - very strange combinations.

The Story

  • We Silence was … interesting. I think he was interested in the Water forces that we showing up.
    Candle was training the new agent
  • Murcia was concerned about the oncoming threat of witch hunters (The House of Veyal invited one in)
  • Lord Veyal invited dangerous witch-hunters to his island to hunt down the wretched sorcery us scum who dared being pirates to his shores.
  • Candle discovered the witch-hunter’s plot to move against Veyal
  • The fearsome king shared a tender moment (warrior love, Theban style!) with the Commander who came with the Witch-hunter in order to secure an alliance for the good of the House.
  • There was something going on with Lord Veil and Candle trying to get a hold of the troops that arrived with the scholar.
  • Murcia had failed to save the child.
  • We Silence sacrificed the innocent child to the “Beautiful One.”
  • Both Murcia and We Silence summoned the arkane and mystical power of each respective faction.
  • We Silence invoked the power of The House of Silence, Murcia tried but failed to invoke the power of The Corpus. * The stakes got really high. The House of Silence had a very powerful divine effect.
  • The fortuitously empowered witch hunter had a lightning bolt point to the place where the other member of the Corpus was hiding.
  • There were some side effects from We Silence achieving such aim, which Murcia would like to inspect.

Possible Events

  • Once the excitement settles down Lord Veyal may meet and interrogate his pirate prisoner who he has locked in the highest tower of the castle.
  • Perhaps there could be a way to win this pirates loyalty as a significant boon to the functionality of Veyal’s new and improved navy.
  • Primarily though, the horrible sorcerer must be punished.
  • If Veyal’s pet project to work with the Corpus living in a cave in his shores gets caught in the crossfire, so be it.
  • If he must comply with beautiful religious practices so be it.
  • For now those annoyances are acceptable if it means the treacherous wizard is caught and punished.



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