Felicitous Veil

member of a minor house, sheltering a mystic and a spy


Name: Felicitous Veyal

Stats: Steady +1 Fierce +2 Wily +1 Sly +1 Arcane -2

Look: Concealded, Military uniform, Terrifying cape, Horribe iron mask, Sturdy/Powerful body

Faction: House of Veyal

- We Silence (The Beloved): “You think me a great and wise ruler”
- Morcia (The Adept): “You see me as an opportunity for a better life.”

Heavy is the Head, Of Omlets and Eggs

Domain = Cape Veyal [town], Granite Tower
“The Scepter of Dragons” is the symbol of power. Stead is large, with 300 souls, does work of raiding, Militia of 40 trained violent people and trained, Castle provided +2 Armour on defence, Surplus +3 Barter, Want: overcrowded, reprisals, isolated, savage militia, hungry populace


Felicitous Veil

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