Origin Story

In the beginning …

It was a golden age of prosperity and knowledge (such as we would like to see again)

Then …

Rightful rule was challenged (as it always is today)

And because of this …

There was destruction (and we will keep it at bay)

Which resulted in …

What once was beautiful was turned to ruin (which is why we treasure beauty)

Until …

Sorcerers tamed the unknown (but they were the only ones, any other sorcer is bad and a pretender and we don’t take kindly to such presumptuous heretics)

And now …

We must live our life with constant vigilance
- to retain prosperity and knowledge
- maintain right rule
- stave off the threat of destruction (by the Golden Empire, the Comet Riders)
- collect and treasure the beautiful
- honour the sorcerers of the past, question those who claim to be

Origin Story

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