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Rob’s Comments 22/04/2015

Rob Deobald
Discussion – 00:49

So, we are in our 3rd session of SCUP; and by and large, very fun so far! I’m sure I will come back with some more helpful, detailed and productive thoughts in a later post.

Fresh from our latest game though, I feel the need to vent a little bit.

Highlighting Stats.

This form of advancement has always left a bad taste in my mouth in other PbtA games, and so far my SCUP experiences are matching what has come before. I seem to always have my combat stats highlighted for the sessions with a lot of talking and intrigue, and my talky intrigue stats highlighted for the sessions filled with blood and gore.

Are highlighted stats a deliberate choice for SCUP adding something to the experience that I’m not seeing yet? So far in practice they have left me feeling frustrated, and I would enjoy hearing an outside perspective.

Mechanics Commentary

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