SCUP Playtest: Cape Veyl and the Unspeakable Pirates

More on Session 4 Events


So the last session Murcia teleported away from the ceremony of sacrifice and caused some embarrassment to Lord Veyal when he tried to reach and stop It. From there It went to the lair of Ostren, who had told It that he could take care of himself. Murcia took away most of Ostren’s belongings to its own cave and convinced Ostren to let go of the captured witch-hunter to evidence the witch-hunter’s mediocrity. Murcia withdrew to its cave and made a dimensional passage to the castle. Murcia then viewed what Lord Veyal was doing and this is where we left off and where I’d like to change Murcia’s course of action… depending if I can or cannot make it to the session. Salutes,
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So, as I recall, Veyal’s cousin sailed to the island and was immediately set up with a laboratory in the castle where she can work on problems like what to do with an ensorcelled member of the House of Veyal. Veyal learned that to confront the cursed sorcerer who now haunts his land like a ghost, he is going to have to cross over into the shadow realm. Luckily the resources to complete such a ritual are readily available from some of his allies.

The Witch-Hunter proved ultimately a useless resource to Lord Veyal; more pomp and circumstance than actual witch hunting ability. Luckily after a brief encounter with that damned sorcerer the witch-hunter was left mostly addled and harmless. He was sent, under guard, to “recover” in a room in the castle. (Since his arrival, We Silence and Candle have had an encounter with him which ended with some crazy magics Veyal is yet to be made aware of.)


The war-galley full of soldiers the Witch Hunter has brought with him is soon to be under the full control of Lord Veyal. The soldiers are broken into small camps, hunting the witch throughout the island. This is intended to keep them busy and unable to congregate while Veyal assumes full control of them- and takes the necessary measures to deal with their current leadership.
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In what Lord Veyal can only assume is a sorceress madness, his once ally, the youngest adept of the isle has teleported into Veyal’s chambers for a private audience. It will have to speak fast to calm Veyal’s blood before the word “betrayer” spills off his lips, and there the Scepter of Dragons finally gets to display how it treats those who openly oppose the House of Veyal.



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